It all started when...

The day Trav and I moved to Chicago, Nathan Reinhart (middle), the brainchild of this operation, started the installation of our first aquaponic system. 3 years later we are proud to bring you the culmination of our research, risk, and repetition: Big Fish Innovations (BFI).

BFI aims to bring the innovative farming method of aquaponics to the student and casual gardener. Aquaponics offers users the comfort of an aquarium with the pride of growing herbs in your own home.

Our systems mimic large-scale aquaponic operations; ensuring nutrient rich water is delivered to the plants while remaining clear and safe for aquatic life. 

We ask that you browse our site, indulge in aquaponics, and contact us with any questions about our products or aquaponics in general.

Thank you,

Travis Kreashko (left) - Market Research, Business Development
Nathan Reinhart (center) - Biologist, Engineer  
Allison Hileman (right) - Design, Education, Media