Introducing the premiere desktop aquaponic system:


Jarden is the flagship product of Big Fish Innovations. It contains a 2.5 gallon fish tank that houses an assortment of fish and/or aquatic life. The aquarium water is pumped through Jarden's six individual planter jars. Each jar grows one plant, the ideal plants for our aquaponic systems are mint, oregano, rosemary, basil, spicy greens, kale, and other leafy edibles. 

Jarden is scientifically sound, utilizing four separate filtration mechanisms that ensures plant and fish health. Jarden's aesthetically appealing design is user friendly and can be broken down into four pieces that allows for easy access to clean all layers of the system. Jarden is a perfect education tool in the classroom or a flourishing herb garden for any year round urban gardener. 


BFI shows you how to easily break down your aquaponic system for easy clean up and maintenance. 




BFI is committed to enhancing life science and urban farming classrooms with Jarden.  Jarden is an introduction to the innovative, growing industry of aquaponics.

For students and Life Science Classrooms:

  • Teaching tool for multiple disciplines within the life sciences

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

  • Applicable to all life science grade levels

  • Observable, tangible Closed Ecosystem

  • Individual planting jars to allow for controlled experiments

  • Observation of root systems

  • Year Round Class Gardens

  • Introduction to urban and alternative gardening and production techniques

  • Customizable color to fit each classroom

filtration system