We aim to bring the power of aquaponics to classrooms throughout the country. Our education systems include a 3 gallon aquarium, a transparent grow box and filter system to allow students to observe all of the  steps in an aquaponic ecosystem. 

Education Systems

                               6-planter Indoor Garden

                              6-planter Indoor Garden

Education Package 

All indoor garden units sold to a school, pre-school, daycare center or education organization comes complete with:

  • One Unit of Aquaponic Curriculum (elementary, middle, or high school)
  • Seedling starter kit: seedling tray and seeds
  • User Manual
  • 90-day warranty
  • One-hour introductory seminar covering the fundamentals of aquaponics (geared towards both students and faculty)**
  • Delivery, installation and an introductory tutorial**

**Available for Chicago area teachers only


Educational Benefits of Aquaponics

The purpose of our education program is to introduce students to this unique gardening practice. We believe that our products and curriculum will empower students to take gardening and healthy eating into their own hands. Alternative farming methods are becoming both a reality and necessity in certain parts of the world, more specifically urban centers with dense populations. If we teach children to be more independent with food cultivation at a young age, we can empower them to make conscious dietary decisions for the rest of their lives. 

Hands-On Life Science Learning

Biology and Chemistry are tough subjects for youngsters.  Any chance to get students' hands dirty while learning about the building blocks of life should be taken advantage of. Our indoor gardens allow students to grow their own plants, observe the life cycles of fish and plant life, and harvest their own food. Plant science, animal biology, water dynamics and biochemistry are all on display in an aquaponic garden.

We offer our aquaponic systems at a discounted rate for schools.  For more information about our education packages and discounts, please contact us at


BFI has partnered with Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) Health and Wellness Program to provide school gardens and nutrition education to the students of Chicago. We hold a CPS vendor number and can be found on the CPS Health and Wellness portal. For CPS discounts and education packages please contact us at or fill out the form below. 

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